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Youth Ministry ALIVE

What is ALIVE?

ALIVE means a living man. ALIVE is one who has a life. Jesus said, “I am the life”, therefore, without Christ there is no life. What will happen to a generation if they don’t meet Christ? They will die like any man. But we believe that everyone is able to find Christ and choose Him as the way of life.

Who has lost a generation?

When you were about 11 -18 years old did you hear «your generation is lost»? Nowadays youth knows they are a lost generation. Why do we say this? Maybe we’ve just realised that we are losing them? They are like “aliens” from another planet. But how can we understand them if we were born in different centuries and millennia? We were born in different states and speak different languages. Many of us were lost in the 80s and 90s, if Jesus did not find us, we would be lost too. So, whose fault was it that we were lost? Parents and society! Today WE are par-ents and WE are society! Our youth is not called up for war, but every day they fight with their parents, school, peers, society and even with themselves. Will they be able to adapt to peaceful life after this war? What will happen to them when they leave their parental home or when they will graduate from school? At that moment they may get lost, like sheep without a shepherd. The Lord wants us not to lose His generation!

What happens at ALIVE services?

Alive is about fellowship, worship and the Word of God. We are not just fellow-shipping, but talking about what really interests this generation. Those who come to youth ministry must hear the truth and the truth will set them free. But in order for them to hear God's truth, someone must tell them this truth. If we do not tell them then someone else will do it and most likely it will not be God's truth. That is why we want to communicate with everyone and just be with them when they need us. Youth service is an opportunity to help you resist the sinful value system!

Services are held every week; for all questions, contact tel. 7 (923) 521-65-17 Ale-ksey

If you consider yourself young, come! Jesus is waiting for you! He wants to tell you something!