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The Harvest feast


The Harvest feast

The 3rd October 2021  there was a celebratory service in the Church of the Risen Christ -  the Harvest feast!

At the celebration the church praised the Lord for this amazing year, because it was so eventful.
A wonderful video was shown about important events of the past year, which testified about God’s glory. These all were a shining example of sincere service to God and reminded us that the Lord was always ready to lift us up, lead us farther, higher and closer to Him. 

The celebratory program was full of creative performances, but the main advantage of the feast  was a very deep spiritual performance “The doors”. The main idea of this performance was that for a person it is important to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. It's important to open and close doors in our life, because there are doors, that are best never open, because these are doors of doubts. But at the same time there are other doors, that are better not to close, and these are the doors through which the fruits of the Holy Spirit enter our life. It is important to listen to the Holy Spirit and then the fruits will grow within us. 

The evening preaching of Pastor Alexei Zakharov about  the fruits of the Holy Spirit was inspiring and encouraging. Pastor spoke that we have many different fruits in our life, the fruits are visible. But at the same time many internal processes take place before the appearance of the fruit. And these processes never stop. When the Holy Spirit works in a person then it is not difficult to accept other people, to be obedient to pastors. 
But often the human pride closes the mouth of the Holy Spirit, then it is important to repent and let God work. 
There is a way out! It is important to accept those processes that take place inside and then God will greatly bless. Let every person hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and be gratefully obedient to Him. 

We thank our Lord for His mercy and grace, for that He teaches us to hear His voice and gain His power.



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